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Marli Gama

In 2003 my husband and I were transferred to Houston / USA. My English was very weak because in Brazil it was not very common to study a second language.  I studied Spanish and in the USA people speak a lot of Spanish, so I could do much of what I needed with no English, but the English enchanted me and I wanted to learn.

I looked for a school and found a church that offered free classes for foreigners. I found amazing teachers and among them I met Sue Johnston, with a nice, clear accent, easy to understand and she would be my teacher of Beginning English for a year. I learned a lot and tried to be the best in class. It was an unforgettable year and with Sue I made a friend for life. On vacation time,  Sue offered her home to continue teaching me more, she is a superb teacher, dedicated to her students.

A year after, I was already able to move to the intermediate class, but still attended classes during the holidays at Sue’s home.

The English I learned with Sue helped me a lot in the period I lived in Houston and today, helps me on trips we make to any English-speaking country.

I think knowing other languages ​​broadens our horizons, especially English since it is spoken all around the world.

Thanks Sue for your kindness and dedication.

Marli GamaBrazil
Stephane Thierot

Sue has the particular ability to turn her lessons into much anticipated convivial moments where everyone was encouraged to speak. She succeeded in developing our self confidence and cleverly introduced grammar and vocabulary during lively and engaging discussions.

Stéphane ThiériotAuditing Director, Overseas Dept & AfricaVINCI Construction
Marie-Christine Dias and Patrice-Chovet

The course with Sue was productive and fun with a pleasant atmosphere. It was adapted well to our level and we could chart our rate of progress. Homework was regularly given and checked together during the following week’s lesson. Consistent use of audio material helped us to improve our comprehension and lots of conversation exchanges on our activities, holidays, likes and dislikes etc kept the interest level high. Above all, our confidence levels were increased thanks to Sue’s patient approach to our beginning level.

Marie-Christine Dias and Patrice ChovetAdministration Manager and Technical Material ManagerVINCI ConstructionParis, France
Edith le Meur and Jean-Marie Bergame

Those few years with Sue as our teacher were for us, such a positive experience in terms of her methods for communication and tools for interaction.  She succeeded in helping us to focus our attention and to develop our ability to progress quickly.  Our conversation exchanges became spontaneous and fluent – as did our relationship with Sue!

Edith Le Meur and Jean-Marie BergameAssistante de Direction & Acheteur (Buyer)Sogea-SatomParis, France
Sara Lupold

Sue Johnston and I were both employed by Region 4 Stafford ABE (Adult Basic Education) program teaching ESL. We worked together for 3 years. The staff of the Stafford ABE Adult Education Program benefited greatly from the addition of Sue Johnston. Her kind and compassionate personality fulfilled the necessary qualifications for an ESL teacher. Sue showed genuine interest and empathetic understanding to students living in a new country, and perhaps experiencing some feelings of displacement. Her enthusiasm was a positive influence on both the staff and students. Sue’s articulate communication added to the already perfect package of an excellent teacher.

Sue was a favorite among the students and staff. Her creative ideas led to the development of teaching techniques that met the unique needs of her students. Sue consistently was available to students to listen to concerns and provided help as needed. She is always willing to go the extra mile to assist students.

Sue is dedicated and reliable. Her exceptional organizational skills and diligence to follow a job through serves the classroom well. Many of the staff members looked to Sue for ideas in order to improve their own classroom management. Her enthusiasm was a positive influence on both the staff and students.

In addition to Sue’s highly professional qualities, she is a fantastic and dear friend. I was very disappointed when I learned she was moving to Paris, France. Anyone who has the opportunity to have Sue become a part of their lives in a professional or personal way will greatly benefit.

Sue has my highest recommendation. I would be happy to provide any needed additional information.

Sara LupoldStafford ABE Program CoordinatorRegion 4Sugar Land, Texas, USA
Olivia Montaudouin

Ms Susan JOHNSTON was an employee of IFOROP for 4 years as an English teacher where she taught business English to company executives.

She showed superior communication and people skills towards her students and our staff. She is a natural born teacher. Her ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced and complex topics, are both outstanding. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized and reliable. She can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the student’s objectives are met.
I can truly say that she can work on any teaching project that is assigned to her.

Ms Johnston is leaving our school on her own will and I can only regret her departure. Her very cheerful and’positive nature, her wit and wonderful sense of humour will be greatly missed by our staff and her students.
She would be an asset to any employer and I recommend her without reservations.
I am confident that she will be a great addition to a team of professionals.

If you need any further information, feel free to contact me.

Olivia MontaudouinDirector of IFOROPIFOROPParis, France
Damien Foucher

I can write a lot of good words about Sue and her way of teaching.

Our lessons weren’t like others I’d had, in school or in professional training.  With Sue, I enjoyed a lot the positive, dynamic and “smiling” way of learning English. It’s so important to have fun while working and understanding a different language and culture.

Damien FoucherCommunication managerVINCI ConstructionAfrica and French overseas, Rueil-Malmaison (France)
Shavkat Kodirov

I was very lucky to have Sue as my teacher because her personal approach during the lessons was very encouraging in helping me to learn English.

Thanks to her experience we could discuss many things during our lessons that let me increase my English vocabulary, for example, comparing the different accents in English such as Texan or Irish accents.

Her open minded spirit and her teaching style (which was not limited to academic approach) allowed me to feel more confident when speaking English.

Shavkat KodirovCredit ManagerSagemcom Energy & TelecomFrance

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